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Tooth Extraction No.8 necessary?

Orthodontic 8 or folk, also known as wisdom teeth, are the last teeth that grow on the jaws when we enter adulthood.
Do teeth extraction 8 need it?
Tooth Extraction No.8 necessary
Teeth No. 8 is the last tooth on the upper jaw as we grow up, but at this point the jaw and jaw have grown to become more rigid, Having grown almost before occupying the space on the jaw, it will make the number 8 when growing up will be more difficult because there is no space to grow in the right position, mandatory teeth number 8 will grow. Stuck or tilted away from its proper position.
This jamming process will make it easier to attach food around the teeth at position 8, where the number 8 is very deep inside, which makes it harder to clean the teeth, it is difficult to do. Clean and lead to other pathological complications caused by plaque.
In addition, when the number 8 is deviated, it usually tends to grow into the number 7 next to the teeth, associated with the plaque on the tooth that causes tooth decay to spread and cause tooth decay number 7 .
These are the reasons why the doctor advised us to pull the number 8 before it affects badly to the surrounding teeth.
What complications are caused when the # 8 tooth is not properly positioned:
- Vine gums:
The buildup of food eaten at the 8th tooth leads to gum inflammation and can lead to swelling, pain, bad breath and sometimes tightness (the patient cannot open his mouth).
- Caries:
Teeth No. 8 grows sagged to the number 7 to make holes and depths from which the deep hole will increase in size and damage to the structure of the tooth 7, if not removed, then to remove.
- Bone tissue and surrounding teeth:
If wisdom teeth penetrate into the side teeth, it will cause the tooth to be destroyed, shaken, sometimes causing tooth decay, and eventually tooth loss. Early symptoms of this deviation are dull pain in that area.
- Causing life-threatening:
There are cases where wisdom teeth are treated in time, infections spread to surrounding areas such as ear, cheeks, eyes, neck, etc., endangering the whole body and even the life.
Note: the efficacy of the treatment can vary depending on each patient’s condition.
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