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Thien Hau Pagoda – Binh Tay Market – Independent Palace – Duc Ba Church – City Post Office – Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee – War Museum 


“Thien Hau” pagoda also called “Pho” temple, this is one of the oldest pagodas of Chinese and it located on 710 Nguyen Trai Street, district 5. “Thien Hau” pagoda is established in 1760 and is built with special architecture of Chinese style concurrently it is an association of four houses to create word “Khẩu” and the space between these houses is “Thien Tinh” skylights that help pagoda’s space is more airy. In addition, on the walls are sculptured by patterns as birds, lacquered, flower, leaves, distich and some holy mom picture to bring a feeling more trust and warm wen the tourists visit “Thien Hau” Pagoda.    


If you are going to visit Ho Chi Minh City, your visit is not complete without visiting a local market as “Binh Tay” Market located on the edge of district 6 in Saigon’s China town. Here the tourists will observe two floors of shopping with many types of commodities namely: clothes for men and women, shoes, bags, jewelry, special food from several regions and Vietnamese souvenir. “Binh Tay” Market is one of the nicest places to talk a walk in the entire city and it’s easy to let time slip by here. The market is sectional, so one of corners the tourists can purchase household products and other things are beauty or make-up products. An overall, “Binh Tay” market is definitely a location to see something more unique and blending between cultures of Vietnamese and Chinese.   


If anyone has been in Ho Chi Minh City, please come to visit “Independent Palace” once time to know about Vietnam’s history as well as historical vestiges in the war. Furthermore, it is seen as the work bearing the stamp of time and is built with a unique architecture and the meaning of it that expresses the prosperity forever of Vietnam country concurrently attached with history events of country. “Independent Palace” is place to happen meetings for important events of nation, welcome head of state, cultural history vestiges and is visited by foreigners in the world. 


Immaculate Conception Cathedral Basilica is referred to Duc Ba Church. It is not only one of the unique architecture Construction of Saigon but also is the destination of tourists inside and outside Vietnam with characteristics of Vietnam tourism concurrently it expresses dignity and grave with Catholicism. On the walls are decorated by 56 glass windows for describing saints or events in the bible, 31 roses, 25 ox eye windows are made by color glass to paint beautiful pictures, all of the patterns are compliance as Roman and Gôtich forms to create the dignity and elegance. 


City Post Office is one of representative architecture constructions in Ho Chi Minh City that is located on district 1. This building is built by French with combination of Europe Style and Asia style. City Post Office can be seen a masterpiece that lies between modern Ho Chi Minh City and it is not only well-known place by sparkling beauty but also bring romantic beauty, city post office is known through the professional working style in post and telecommunication  field. The act on the top of house is decorated by a big clock, coming inside tourists can see both sides of the high walls are Vietnamese historical maps, Gotic architectures and more than 35 stalls to serve customers. Nowadays city post office also has many souvenir shops for selling handicraft products that carry national character of Vietnam. 


Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee placed at the end of Nguyen Hue highway from 1898 due to Gardès architect designed and facsimiled as French colonial period in the north of France until the republic of Vietnam called Saigon City Hall and became working place as well as meeting location of the Saigon state. Front building is the monument of uncle Ho that is a place to organize important events of the city concurrently is a location to visit for foreign tourists who like to discover historical sites. 


War Remnants Museum in Ho Chi Minh City is not only a place to save war artifacts which have experienced many colonial periods by Great Britain, France and America due to War Museum Vietnam is place for Peace – Independent –Liberty – Democracy of Vietnamese as well as for the whole world. This museum is established in 1975 with the name “Exhibitors War Crime of Aggression” where displays some artifacts and images in Vietnamese war with topics such as “American military massacre”, “Torture”, “Spraying toxic chemical” or “Dropping bombs North region vandalism” so these war remnants help Vietnamese as well as remember a magnanimous history and historical heroes who had sacrificed for fatherland and peace. 


Cu Chi Tunnels will bring back a secret discover under the ground for tourists. Furthermore, the tourist will have wonderful excursion for seeing historic sites, enjoy cassava with sesame concurrently attending exciting outside activities and folk games. 


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