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Travelling in Each Region


Ha Noi is seen the second large city in Vietnam and also a potential city to develop tourism. Ha Noi owns the most diversity museum system with architectures, cultures and historical event, Hanoi is a very picturesque city, the leafy metropolis sometimes dubbed the "Paris of Asia." With its tree-fringed boulevards, more than two dozen lakes and thousands of French colonial-era buildings, Hanoi is a popular tourist attraction and one of only a few Asian capitals to retain its historic charm amid rapid modernization and population growth And Hanoi is the most affordable international destination in Trip Advisor's annual Trip Index report. Created to help travelers plan and budget their summer holiday, the Trip Index looks at the average cost of a three-night trip in 60 key tourist cities around the world.


Ba Vi is known because of a green space, clear, beautiful, a place contains a wild beauty, ideal and more interesting for outside picnics with family and friends. Coming to Ba Vi International Park, the tourists can discover ecotourism which have invested more spacious, conveniences and all of services of resorts are designed with open peaceful space aiming to people can close nature. The tourists also have chance to enjoy the ancient traditional of Northern Delta Vietnam combined with fresh air of green grass fields, quiet rivers and Tan Da majestic mountain that has created a beautiful landscape. 


Lie on the center of Ha Noi capital, Hoan Kiem Lake is seen as pearl of capital or the bouquet between the City are called by foreign tourists, a place to organize cultural events, political, economy and important festivals, is place to save a series of historical monuments and large culture of Ha Noi. Inside Hoan Kiem Lake has two islands, a large island is Ngoc Son temple and a small island is Turtle Tower, Ngoc Son temple is connected by The Huc bride and became nice scene and the proud of citizen in Ha Noi as well as is a symbol of Vietnam nation.


The museum is built by French in the century XX, is the most important place in storage of cultural heritage art of Vietnam community, owing the Western architecture beauty through decorations of Vietnam village patterns to become a forever exhibition place of Vietnam artworks. Besides that, the collection is collected as the historical progress and divided by two types of collection namely: folk art and art pottery Vietnam, Vietnam Fine Arts Museum is treasure of Vietnam's ’art scene along Vietnamese people.       


Sapa District is located in Lao Cai Province, north-west Vietnam, and 350 km's north-west of Hanoi, close to the border with China. The Hoang Lien Son range of mountains dominates the district, which is at the eastern extremity of the Himalayas. This range includes Vietnams' highest mountain, Fan Si Pan, at a height of 3142 meters above sea level. The town of Sapa lies at about 1600 meters of altitude. The climate is moderate and rainy in summer (May-August), and foggy and cold with occasional snowfalls in winter.
The geographical location of the area makes it a truly unique place for many interesting plants and animals, allowing it to support many inhabitants. Many very rare or even endemic species have been recorded in the region.
The scenery of the Sapa region in large part reflects the relationship between the minority people and nature. This is seen especially in the paddy fields carpeting the rolling lower slopes of the Hoang Lien Mountains. The impressive physical landscape which underlies this has resulted from the work of the elements over thousands of years, wearing away the underlying rock. On a clear day, the imposing peak of Fan Si Pan comes into view. The last major peak in the Himalayan chain, Fan Si Pan offers a real challenge to even the keenest walker, the opportunity of staggering views, and a rare glimpse of some of the last remaining primary rain forest in Vietnam.


Hoi An is amongst several very beautiful towns in Vietnam. In spite of its small size, Hoi An holds the scenic beauty and tourist attractions which attract thousands of tourists throughout the year. There are numerous exotic beaches in this small town. One of them is the famous Cua Dai Beach, Hoi An. The pristine beach is located in the about 4 kilometers away from the town of Hoi An. While visiting the place in Vietnam, you must not miss the chance to visit this amazing Cua Dai Beach.


Hue offers very diversified and beautiful landscapes. Nature and human beings create a harmoniously beauty with Bach Ma (White Horse) National Park and other attractive beaches such as Thuan An, Lang Co and Canh Duong.
The province provides a well-balanced blend of royal heritage and folk culture. As a matter of fact, tourists discover dozens of handicraft villages, with annual festivals that are painstakingly organized.
Hue is also an important center of Buddhism. In Hue and its surrounding still exist tens of pagodas constructed more 300 years ago, and a hundred of temples and pagodas built in the early 20th century. Besides, tourist is able to enjoy many traditional famous dishes and find out about sophisticated handicraft here.
Hue Citadel has been recognized as a World Cultural Heritage Site by UNESCO since December 1993, Hue Royal Musical (Nha nhac) has been declared as a World Intangible Cultural Heritage since November 2003.
It's hard to explain the uncanny beauty of the river, though doubtless the iridescent, aquamarine waters, together with the profusion of colorful craft and boat women sporting non la--the ubiquitous cream-colored conical hat of Vietnam--all contribute to the effect. On a clear, sunny day the Perfume River can indeed be magical


Đa Nang is one of the major port cities in Vietnam and the biggest city on the South Central Coast of Vietnam; the city is situated on the coast of the Eastern Sea, at the opening end of the Han River. Đa Nang is the commercial and educational center of Central Vietnam, with a well-sheltered, easily accessible port; its location on the path of National Route 1A and the North–South Railway makes it a hub for transportation. It is located within 100 km of several UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including the Imperial City of Huế, the Old Town of Hoi An, and the My Son ruins. The city was previously known as Cua Hang during early Dai Viet Settlement and as Tourane during French colonial rule. It is the third biggest economic center in Vietnam.
My Son is an archaeological site dating back more than a thousand years in Quang Nam, located in a remote forested valley some 70 km west of Đa Nang, this former capital and religious center of the Champa kingdom once contained in excess of 70 style temples and stupas. Although badly damaged by bombing raids in the 1960s, the site still has more than 20 structures and was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1999. Many statues, sculptures and reliefs recovered from My Son are kept in the Museum of Cham Sculpture, near the Han River in the heart of Đa Nang. Dating from the fourth to the 14th centuries. The sensual artwork on these works depicts daily activities as well as Hindu and Buddhist religious themes.
The Marble Mountains are rocky limestone outcrops jutting out of the beach just south of Đa Nang. Paths lead to the top of the forested cliffs, affording spectacular views of Non Nuoc Beach and the South China Sea. The caves nestled in the cliffs were originally inhabited by the Cham people. Later, the Nguyen Dynasty built numerous pagodas among the caves. The Marble Mountains are home to various artisans producing sculpture and artwork at its base at Non Nuoc Village. Non Nuoc Beach is a white sandy beach on the outskirts of Đa Nang is renowned for both its spectacular beauty and for its history as an R&R destination for American troops during the Vietnam War, when it was known as "China Beach". Today the beach along with My Khe beach to the north, are home to expensive resorts, surfing and entertainment facilities. Ba Na Hills is a mountain resort with a 5 km-long cable car system which carries guests up to Ba Na's peak at 1487 meters above sea level. Son Tra Mountain, just some miles away from downtown with some wild streams and resorts along the seaside.  NHA TRANG – DOC LET


Nha Trang is the coastal city and also the main center of political, economic, culture, science of technology, and tourism of Khanh Hoa province. Many places in Nha Trang exists a lot of relics of Champa people anh Nha Trang named as a valuable pearl of the South Vietnam Sea, green pearl because of the natural value, the beauty and the climate. Nha Trang is well-known for its beaches and scuba diving and has developed into a popular destination of international tourists, attracting large number of backpackers as well as more affluent traveller on the Southeast Asia circuit. Nha Trang is one of the most important tourist hubs of Vietnam, thanks to its beautiful beaches with fine and clean sand and the clear ocean water with mild temperatures all year round. There are several resorts — such as Vinpearl, Diamond Bay and Ana Mandara — and amusement and water parks, in the city and on islands off the coast. The possibly most beautiful street of Nha Trang is Tran Phu Street along the seaside, sometimes referred to as the Pacific Coast Highway of Vietnam. 


Cai Be Floating Market is happen place buying and selling activities on the boat whaleboat or junk with many diversity commodities such as cloth, fresh fruit, special food of southwest region, furniture, sea food or poultry. Cai Be Floating Market is known as one of the most feature visited places in Tien Giang because it expresses feature cultures of Mekong Delta where has attracted a lot of foreign tourists by natural beauty. In addition, tourists will be enjoyed an new feeling when go by canoe and observe beautiful views of Mekong river as well as discover fruit gardens. 


At the weekend, for avoiding the heat and noisy of Saigon, tourists can design a short trip to come Vinh Long, you are both travel and enjoy by mount with delicious special dishes and by eyes with natural views. In addition, you can bring your soul into fresh space to enjoy sweetness coconut along with several types of fruits as mangosteen, star apple, sweet mango, big longan, papaya, rambutan, grapefruit, durian and so on which are defoliated on the tree directly and each type has distinctive taste that will create new feeling and interesting experiences for you. 



When you go there you will be witnessed the nuggets production process and taste right here the batch of freshly baked nuggets is quite hot and mild aroma of sticky rice. Nuggets is a folk dish and cook by roast, screen husk out of the sticky particles and is seen as traditional in Vietnamese cuisine. Nuggets are covered into lotus leaf characterized country as well as express the idyllic and close with nature.      


The traditional uniqueness of people in southern plains, the way to make rice paper from processing material step to finished is not complex but it require fineness as well as experiences of makers. In addition, the tourist is guided the way how to make rice paper and have chance for trying to make a rice paper concurrently learn more advantaged things from Vietnamese life.  


My Thuan bride is a bride that across Tien Giang River for connection two provinces Tien Giang and Vinh Long together in Mekong Delta and go into operation in 2000. The function of My thuan bride help traffic routes from Ho Chi Minh City to Vinh Long to move easily. My Thuan bride is not only bring the value of economic as well as traffic but also respond the expected need of citizen along with the prominence about valuable architecture and the wonderful of aesthesis that attract many tourists from other country.  


Each Bonsai pot is an artwork that recognizing the beauty and delicacy so people who take care Bonsai have to the understanding clearly as well as experiences. A Bonsai pot gather four elements about appearance including: roots, truck, foliage and flower with beautiful Bonsai has to own ancient feature, the aging but mixed a little bit the wild to evoke the aesthetic when the first time seeing. When the tourists will observe beautiful Bonsai pots and can buy some Bonsai pots to make gifts for your friends and family. 


Binh Chau – Ho Coc is seen peaceful place when go there the tourists will have chance for declaiming foot into natural warm water, mud bath or boil eggs by the hot water flow quite interesting. After enjoying and relaxing the tourists will be visited projected area of Binh Chau – Phuoc Buu and go to Ho Coc to taste fresh sea food as well as dog racing at Lam Son stadium and attend other entertainment games. 


Ba Ria – Vung Tau province is a large tourism central. It has 100 KM seashore with beautiful swimming beach as well as many lakes and thermal springs. On the other hand, it is a destination place with many delicious dishes and is an important thing to keep tourists from another country such as: “Vietnamese circle crepe or Banh Khot”, “Grilled octopus”, “Grilled lobsters” and so on. Besides that, tourists can visit Christ Statue at Tao Phung Mountain and Maria statue at Bai Dau. All activities are extremely exciting feeling to relax after hard working days. 



Madagui forest resort located Madagui town in Lam Dong Province and it is a part of Cat Tien National Park with the area around 1200 Hectares. This is not only a suitable place for a group of people but also for family along with outside interesting activities and unforgettable exciting experiences when having a vacation Madagui is a discovery journey green forest with many un-experienced activities. Besides that, Madagui also gains your flavor of life through restaurants and coffee shops are located between green forest to enjoy highland cuisine and fresh vegetables to feel the sweetness in the life that you have not ever had. 


Dambri is seen the wonderful discovery of nature in Bao Loc where located 16 kilometers from Bao Loc city through a wide green tea farming area is Dambri waterfall, the famous ecotourism site in Bao Loc. Dambri is a beautiful fall with the height more than 60 meters, although in the summer season the waterfall is always has full water and is described as a veil of fog that is both create the fanciful and make up likely picture by the majestic of waterfall but not less attraction. In addition, Dambri was built as an ecotourism destination but tourists coming in group will have chance to attend many great ventures for team building games and activities.   


Prohibit mountain located in Long Xuyen city with the height about 705 meters and can be said that Prohibit mountain is a place that own a lot of special wonderful beauties of an ecotourism is both rustic and modern, very peaceful but hides many interesting things, make visiting journey have more meaningful. Prohibit mountain is famous tourist resort of An Giang province because the mountain has majestic beauty, cool climate, nice views, green trees concurrently on the mountain also has several sites to visit such as Van Linh pagoda, Large Buddha pagoda or Thuy Liem lake to bring peaceful feeling when pray best wishes for family as well as friends.


Tay An pagoda is an interfering place between the ancient architecture of Vietnam and India. Tay An pagoda is also called Sam Mountain or Tay An temple, is a pagoda that located in Chau Doc city of An Giang province with the campus more than 15000 M2. Behind has Sam Mountain as hanging painting to highlight by the dark green with the impression point of three roofs the same as onion along with brilliant color but harmony to bring difficult describe feeling for the tourists      


Chau Doc city of An Giang is not large too much, Chau Doc market is divided a separated zones but the most highlight is selling “Mắm” sector due do the seductive fragrant along with eye-catching color from “Mắm” that attract many tourists. Furthermore, walking around the market tourists will have opportunity to taste all types of special cakes here which express the feature flavor of citizen in Chau Doc.   


Ba Den mountain is one of the cultural historic sites of Vietnam, to climb the mountain tourists have two ways: go on foot or go by cable but when go down you will have one more choice slip by skis too quickly. Going by cable is quite exciting because it is as a big craft can contain 2 people to travel around Nui Ban Mountain on the sky to enjoy fresh air, cool wind and beautiful views.


Tay Ninh castle is well-known psychic structures that located on zone of Tay Ninh province and operated in 1955. Tay Ninh castle highlights in campus with unique architecture and spiritual life of citizen in province as well as tourists. Furthermore, if you have chance come here to travelling or attend anniversary day of caodaism will observe a grant temple along with the palatial different other castle. 


Owning a peace far from the crowed city, the Con Dao is one of the attracted locations in Vietnam. Long the Devil’s Island of Indochina, the preserve of political prisoners and undesirables, this place is now turning heads thanks to its striking natural beauty. Con Son, the largest of this chain of 15 islands and islets, is ringed with lovely beaches, coral reefs and scenic bays, and remains partially covered in thick forests. In addition to hiking, diving and exploring empty coastal roads and deserted beaches, there are some excellent wildlife-watching opportunities such as the black giant squirrel and the endemic bow-fingered gecko. 
Although it seems something of an island paradise, Con Son was once hell on earth for the thousands of prisoners who languished in confinement here in no less than a dozen jails during French rule and the American-backed regime. 
Roughly 80% of the land area in the island chain is part of Con Dao National Park, which protects Vietnam’s most important sea-turtle nesting grounds. For the past decade, the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) has been working with local park rangers on a long-term monitoring program. During nesting season (May to November) the park sets up ranger stations to rescue threatened nests and move them to the safe haven of hatcheries. Other interesting sea life around Con Dao includes the dugong, a rare marine mammal in the same family as the manatee. 
Many visitors to Con Son are package-tour groups of former VC soldiers who were imprisoned on the island. The Vietnamese government subsidises these jaunts as a show of gratitude for their sacrifice. The driest time to visit Con Dao is from November to February, although the seas are calmest from March to July. The rainy season lasts from June to September, but there are also northeast and southwest monsoons from September to November that can bring heavy winds. September and October are the hottest months, though even then the cool island breezes make Con Dao relatively comfortable when compared with HCMC or Vung Tau. 
Change has been almost glacial, but with the arrival of the über-luxurious Six Senses Con Dao, the islands are now on the radar of the international jet-set. Travellers are discovering the islands as transport connections improve, but as flights are quite expensive (and the islands' cost of living is approximately double the mainland's), numbers are still small. 


Visiting the world’s most astounding natural wonder, Ha Long Bay is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and a popular travel destination, in Quang Ninh Province, Vietnam. Administratively, the bay belongs to Ha Long City, Cam Pha town, and the part of Van Đon District. The bay features thousands of limestone karsts and isles in various sizes and shapes. Ha Long Bay is a center of a larger zone which includes Bai Tu Long bay to the northeast, and Cat Ba islands to the southwest. These larger zones share similar geological, geographical, geomorphological, climate, and cultural characters. 
Halong weather is typical for tropical coastal climate, which has two main seasons all year around. From April to September, it is often hot and humid; from October to March the weather is dry with some cold months. 
Kayaking in Ha Long Bay is a kind of paddling, using a kayak to move across water. With thousands islands and isles, calm tides, clean, and emerald green water, Ha long Bay is ideal for the activity. Most cruises in Ha long Bay offer kayaking. Kayaking will make your Ha long trip more interesting. 
Ha long bay is famous for its beautiful caves and limestone karsts attracting thousands of tourists all over the world. There is no better way to see the aerial view of the bay than from a helicopter. Cruising will give you a chance to gaze at the horizon, but the view might not be appealing since there are too many karsts and islands in the bay. At the cost of $650/ pax for a 2 ways trip from Hanoi to Ha long, visiting Ha long Bay will be an unforgettable experience.
Coming to Ha long Bay, you should never miss a unique activity, dining in a cave. There are few cruises offering this feature on their trips. The crew members will prepare a delightful diner in a cave. In some cruises, this activity is already included. In some others, this is an optional extra-paid activity

Travelling in Phan Thiet it is not only a simple place that the tourists go to the beach or resort but also a place to save nice memories, many interesting experiences. The first thing makes you be surprised by series of resort rows and not for nothings that Phan Thiet is known as the king of resort. It is not difficult for find a five stars standard resort with the top quality as The Cliff, Victoria resort & Spa, Sea Link Beach, Princess D’Anam, Anantara or Romana always willing to welcome anytime with the best services. 


In the previous period Mui Ne was called “Fishing Village” with fishermen fishing all the year round but with the available haughty beauty and the care by people here has create a doubly stunning scenery as today by the series of V.I.P resort rows. People who has come Mui Ne beach also described that this is a romantic place with combination of nature between yellow sunshine, blue beach and white sand to paint a natural vivid picture. Mingle with the breath of the sea so tourists will feel loving Mui Ne beach as well as people here. 


Coming Ta Cu Mountain the tourist will visit the foothills campus by tramcar and go cable to the top of mountain for sightseeing with many colors as well as observing the whole view of Ham Tan beach and Lagi beach in Binh Thuan Province. In addition, climbing the mountain the tourists can see Buddha with the length around 49 meters and pray the happiest things for your family, friends and yourself.

Da Lat city also called foggy city because Da Lat lies on the highlands so every morning all the city is covered by mistiness that create a fanciful picture until the afternoon the mistiness melts and appear a beautiful city with a large field more than hundred types of flower, ancient mansions, the center of tourism and education of Indo – Chinese. Natural resources and humanities help Dal Lat to become famous tourism place of Vietnam, comparison with other scenic Da Lat is the most bias from the nature by attractive place names including Flower kingdom, Xuan Huong Lake, Than Tho Lake, Loving Valley, Prenn waterfall, Lang Biang and so on. The chilly feeling although the climate also has sunshine, bring for tourists a mellow feeling along with majestic scenery.


Truc Lam Monastery in Da Lat lies on Phung Hoang Mountain can observe Tuyen Lam Lake blue gorgeous, a place is visited the most by foreign tourists the route goes to Truc Lam Monastery will go pass many ancient mansions which are cover by pine forest and with classical architecture. This place is not only known as divine land but also attracted pilgrimage tourists to Buddha plane and enjoy the charming landscape. 



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