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Bone Grafting in Dental Implants?

It is an obvious thing when you are consulted at a dental center about dental implant should combine to supported techniques such as bone grafting or sinus lift in order to regrowth the quantity of jawbone have lost. It sounds quite scary at first, the truth is seen as an implant procedure in the oral cavity without pain and has become a routine when implant a new tooth.

The volume and quality of jawbone will decide significantly to the degree of success of dental implant as well as the recovery ability. There are many factors affecting jawbone mass namely:

● Periodontal disease

● Injury

● Infection

Bone grafting and placing titanium screw are important surgery steps in the missing tooth restoration that can usually be done in most dental clinic, because they help to increase the density, thickness and depth of bone concurrently improve the shape of jawbone. It interchanges lost bone with material from the patient’s bodies or artificial bone.

Several bone loss after tooth extraction

● Lateral bone loss

Each time when you perform eating function, you are keeping your jawbone healthy. When a tooth is extracted, the biting force now longer presses in this area, which causes the jawbone to reabsorb itself. Lateral bone loss can end up with a 60% loss with the first years following extraction. Bone loss will continue to deteriorate without a dental implant. The bone loss can eventually get to a point where patients need several bone grafting to regrow jawbone at this area in order to perform the dental implant procedure. 

Sinus atrophy after tooth extraction

When a tooth is extracted at the upper jaw, it could start to influence directly on the jawbone around the area near your sinus. The sinus bone can begin to imbibe the bone, which changes ire flow into the nasal cavity because of the close distance of the nose to the jowl. Therefore, in the dental implant process can be especially troubled with some patients and this imperative need to enhance maxillary sinus to create favorable conditions for several bone grafting before placing the implant into jawbone. 

Numerous bone loss – Lower jaw

When a tooth is extracted, cause leads to other teeth vulnerable to decay. It is not an unusual case when have many teeth that are extracted at the same area, which can lead to loss bone in the lower jaw significantly. When the bone loss is more and more increased, the verves will start to move to the top of the ridge. It will cause issues with dental implants and there are many difficulties in the process of recovery. 

Full arch bone loss

The patients with many missing teeth in the same arch can face with dramatically bone loss. When lack of roots, the jowl does not support appropriately and start to shift towards the negative. Dental bridges may be looked aesthetically improving, but this is a mistake in term of awareness because of they are uncertain as evolved jaw over time. Patients are finding full arch dental implants with several bone grafting. Bone arch cases are exceptionally challenged due to the quality of bone are not enough strong to support to the titanium screw so that need to be inserted a volume of artificial bone into jawbone. 

Full facial bone loss

Some of patients lost numerous teeth will have to face with bone atrophy. Over the years, the bone loss will continue happen quickly to a point where would distort the patient’s facial features severely. Dental implants will support in prosthetic to restore bone tissue and missing teeth. However, it will need too much time from 1 – 1.5 years for rehabilitation due to the nerves are close the gum tissue, especially for patients have used removable dentures that the amount of natural bone virtually no longer exist and have to insert bone mass for reshaping.  

Note: the efficacy of the treatment can vary depending on each patient’s condition.

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