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High-Quality Implant System

Advanced implant system – Lifetime warranty 
At I-DENT Dental Implant Center, we only use high-quality implant system for our patients which are reputable trademarks in the world with the success rate on each implant case reach over 99.99% aiming to bring back the most perfect result and respond expectations for the patients.  

Dentium (Korean Implant)
Korean Implant is used popularly over 50 nations in the world because of many outstanding features such as: 
+ Formed from pure Titanium to ensure hardness standards.
+ The implant post is designed by TSIII Advanced Technology with a rough surface to make sure the bone integration & healing quickly. 
+ Connection between abutment and implant post has the shape with ten spiral structure to increase the stability of the prosthesis. 
+ Korean Implant has good adhesion to jawbone, ensuring solid and not shaken when chewing.


Superline Dentium (USA Implant)
USA Implant is one of types of implant which have the highest quality at present, USA Implant have the harmonious shape with bone surgery, good exposed surface, indicated for the thin jawbone cases to help the doctors can be easy in implant manipulations, the bone integration well and bring back a positive result after prosthesis. 
USA Implant have the period of time for healing and bone integration at least 2 months that the patients can own one or more new implant teeth perfectly.


MIS C1 (Germany Implant)
The benefits of Germany Implant are easy to use, simple design, diversified sizes. MIS C1 Implant is designed as screw-type with a rough surface to enlarge the exposure area with the jawbone aiming to support for the above crown firmer, ensure keeping the physical properties of sustainable for implant and safe when performing implant surgery. 


Nobel Biocare Active (Nobel Biocare Implant)
Nobel Biocare is used widely and appears on 70 countries. All of implants from this dental implant trademark is manufactured which enveloped by the TiUnite biofilm overlay to create conditions for bone integration quickly and promote rehabilitation process faster. Specially, the connection between implant post and abutment of Nobel Biocare Implant is triangular link so the crown will become stronger and help to optimize restoration capabilities. 


SLActive (Straumann Implant)
Implant Straumann SLA Bone Level: horizontal implanted bone level, appropriate for incisor regions and combined with healing through the gums or under the gums. 
Implant Straumann SLA Tissue level: horizontal implanted soft tissue level, appropriate to implant for molar regions to help for ensuring chewing function well. 
Implant Straumann SLA with the Slactive advanced treatment surface technology which is designed to achieve criteria:
+ Speed up the bone integration of implant into jowl.
+ Reduce healing time from 6 – 8 weeks down to 3 – 4 weeks. 
+ Prognosis high treatment outcomes and shorten the duration of treatment. 

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