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Caring for Implant Teeth after Replacement

After the implant surgery, the patients may feel a slight pain during the first days so the doctors will provide a prescription in order to patients can buy drug to take medicine and relieve the pain concurrently to ensure healing timely and prevent the wound infection the patients should pay attention some of necessity at below: 
● After completing the implant surgery, the patients should bite tightly wool/ gauze for 30 minutes to stop bleeding. 
● Should apply ice pack on the cheek at implant region within the first 3 days to reduce swelling.
● Do not touch the wounds by tongue or other instruments, limit constantly spitting, do not rinse mouth with salt water within 8 hours after performing implant instead the patients can brush their teeth and rinse mouth slightly the next day. 
● Can perform chewing activities after 1 hour when completed the implant surgery, in the first week from surgical day should eat soups, soft foods and digestible easily (limit hot & chewy foods or chewing strongly in implant region). 
● Should not smoke cigarette, drink beer or wine within 2 – 4 weeks after implant and do not remove any white membrane where the wound is stitched. 
● Should do to oral hygiene by soft toothbrush & mouthwash, use dental floss to take leftovers in the teeth and re-examine implant teeth 6 months/ a time. 

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