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Implants for Edentulous Patients

Applying the advanced technology in implant, it allows us to provide the best effective and safe solutions for cases that patients lost all teeth.  

1/ All-on-4 technique
The fixed jaw with 4 implants or be called dental implant technical All-on-4 of NOBEL BIOCARE - A leading trademark in implant dentistry on the world. This solution is applied to restore lost teeth, special in cases that the jawbone quality of patients has serious osteoporosis in which we use only 4 implants to rehabilitate all teeth with chewing function and the aesthetics perfectly.  
All-on-4 Technique of NOBEL BIOCARE (Fixed denture on 4 implants) 
All-on-4 technique ensures stability even in minimum bone mass. 
The patient lost all teeth with a long period to lead to the jawbone will loss too much so it is usually not enough the bone volume to place at least 4 implant on each jaw. Therefore, most of cases need to graft bone or combine sinus lift technique to increase the connection among bone and implant post concurrently support for fixed prostheses with 12 porcelain crowns at above. 
The pros of All-on-4 technique
-Minimizing dental costs for patients because of placing only 4 implants instead of having to place many implant on the same jaw according to the traditional methods. 
-Reducing bone grafting and sinus lift so it will decrease the pain.
-The patients can join daily activities normally after surgical day with the fixed temporary bridge. 
-Increasing efficiency for treatment outcomes in shorter treatment time and improve patient’s satisfaction level. 
The implant process is performed by All-on-4 techniques
Designing treatment plan will base on Nobel Guide concept to make sure the accuracy about diagnostic, establishing plan and implant replacement. 
The implant process All-on-4 does not require the bone grafting or sinus lift too much as other single implants. Under the guidance of 3D S-Implant simulation software and Nobel Guide software allow for detailed diagnostics as identify dimension and quality of available bone and simulate virtual implant placement process without deviation ratio which will be perform in reality and is designed according to the implant needs of patients. 

2/ All-on-6 technique 
This is an implant technique with 6 implants on a jaw, which is applied for any cases of complete tooth loss. However, the jawbone located at molar areas that have to respond enough jowl conditions about the quality as well as quantity for replacement implants. 
All-on-6 implant placement 
Different from All-on-4 technique which place only 4 implants in the incisor region, All-on-6 technique allow to place 2 more implants in the posterior region so rehabilitation will get a better outcome and improve  significantly in term of functionality. 
All-on-6 is the implant method which achieves the highest efficiency to the edentulous patients who lost all teeth at both jaws concurrently minimizing artificial bone grafting for replacement implants rather than replacement single implant for each lost tooth position.   
All-on-4 and All-on-6 are advanced techniques that I-DENT Dental Implant Center has applied for all of patients who lost all teeth for many years. We have experiences as well as achievements in completing denture prosthetics for a hundreds of cases. Those implant techniques are the best effective and saving solutions that we would like to propose and advise to the patients. 
At I-DENT Dental Implant Center, we are committed that the patients will be restored the whole of lost teeth including the chewing function and the aesthetics after 10 treatment days if the patient have good quality of jawbone as well as good health condition.   

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