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Did you know dental implant and bone reconstruction in Vietnam yet? 

Missing teeth? Dental implants could be the best answer for you? Losing a tooth does not mean that you have to cope with a permanent gap in you teeth or start to wear dentures - for an increasing quantity of patients, dental implants are the best optimal solution.
Replacement teeth supported by dental implants are strong, fixed and look feel completely natural. Not only that, you can also combine dental implant treatment and tourism in any countries around the world. A typical example, Vietnam is ideal destination for you and your family because Vietnam is considered one of the nations with the lowest dental treatment cost in the world and the specialized team of doctors have long experience that will help you to retrieve the lost smile. Therefore, restoring the missing permanent teeth are not too away from you, let's join us on the journe to restore the charming smile. 


Did you know that the harmful effects of the loss of teeth

Why dental implants?

Dental implant is a new change the replacement of permanent teeth. Before the outstanding development of the dental implant fields, people with the removable dentures could not chew many kinds of food, here is a comprehensive change and were widely used in the world to restore the permanent teeth that look like natural.

A dental implant is a titanium post (the same as natural tooth root) or called a frame that is place into the jowl under the gums. Once in place, it allows the dentists can place a porcelain crown on the implant post or a dental bridge into necessary area and called porcelain dental restorations step. An implant tooth will not be left out as the removable denture to minimize inconveniences when chewing and oral hygiene concurrently will prevent the jawbone loss and will not affect to another teeth areas like dental bridges

Implant tooth integrates to the jowl so it creates the stabilization to support for the artificial porcelain crown at above. Dentures or dental bridges mount with the implants that will not be slipped out or shifted out the arch when chewing function or talking. This close association helps the dentures and dental bridges as well as the artificial porcelain crowns placed on the implants to be fixed and more natural than the traditional removable dentures.

If you are considering to restore the missing teeth by implant teeth, you must have a healthy gums, adequate bone to support the implant post as well as do not suffer periodontal diseases and not heavy smoker. If your bone is too thin or soft and have no enough quality to maintain implant post in the mouth environment, the dentist may suggest grafting bone and sinus lift techniques to combine together when performing surgery aiming to help for the bone integration among implant post and jawbone quickly. 

How is an implant tooth look?

Am implant tooth includes three main parts to compose as natural tooth:

Titanium threaded implant post: is made from a benign compound and can survive in long-tern mouth environment. It is place in the lower or upper jawbone under the gum line.

Implant abutment: is also made from Titanium, porcelain or gold. It is a connected part between implant post and the porcelain crown. It shapes as a natural tooth that has been cut down to receive a porcelain crown.

Porcelain crown: is an essential part to contribute the aesthetic to the smile, it usually is made from porcelain-fused-to-metal alloy (PFM), full-porcelain or all metal. It is allowed to restore on the implant post after placement of abutment and healing. 

How is an implant tooth look?

The implant tooth procedure for replacing a tooth (or called the process of implantation of teeth):

► 1st step: The doctor will examine generally your dental status and take 3D X-rays
- Panoramic X-rays: for treatment of dental crown and general dentistry.
- CT Cone Beam X-rays: for treatment of dental implant, root canal and tooth extraction.
After analyzing your X-ray, the doctor will describe the entire of dental treatment process by mouth and on the computer which will be performed in the reality for you at the next appointments. 

► 2nd step: The implant surgery

After analyzing your jawbone quality, the doctor will conduct to perform the implant surgery and may combine bone grafting technique if your bone lost a small to large volume. On the other hand, if the jawbone size at the upper jaw is too thin and close to the maxillary sinus the doctor will apply sinus lift techniques to widen the gap to support bone grafting step easily.

► 3rd step: Checking and placing the temporary tooth

From 24 hours to 36 hours after the implant surgery, the doctor will always follow your implant tooth status as well as the bone integration level between implant post and jowl and place temporary tooth on implant when wait the wound heal.

4th step: Porcelain crown restorations

After 6 – 9 months depends on the level of healing that allow the doctor place healing, abutment and porcelain crown on implant for you. 

 Porcelain crown restorations

Types of dental implant

► Dentium (Korean Implant)

Korean Implant is used popularly over 50 nations in the world because of many outstanding features such as:

+ Formed from pure Titanium to ensure hardness standards.

+ The implant post is designed by TSIII Advanced Technology with a rough surface to make sure the bone integration & healing quickly.

+ Connection between abutment and implant post has the shape with ten spiral structure to increase the stability of the prosthesis.
+ Korean Implant has good adhesion to jawbone, ensuring solid and not shaken when chewing.

► Superline Dentium (USA Implant)

USA Implant is one of types of implant which have the highest quality at present, USA Implant have the harmonious shape with bone surgery, good exposed surface, indicated for the thin jawbone cases to help the doctors can be easy in implant manipulations, the bone integration well and bring back a positive result after prosthesis.

USA Implant have the period of time for healing and bone integration at least 2 months that the patients can own one or more new implant teeth perfectly.

► MIS C1 (Germany Implant)

The benefits of Germany Implant are easy to use, simple design, diversified sizes. MIS C1 Implant is designed as screw-type with a rough surface to enlarge the exposure area with the jawbone aiming to support for the above crown firmer, ensure keeping the physical properties of sustainable for implant and safe when performing implant surgery.

► Nobel Biocare Active (Nobel Biocare Implant)

Nobel Biocare is used widely and appears on 70 countries. All of implants from this dental implant trademark is manufactured which enveloped by the TiUnite biofilm overlay to create conditions for bone integration quickly and promote rehabilitation process faster. Specially, the connection between implant post and abutment of Nobel Biocare Implant is triangular link so the crown will become stronger and help to optimize restoration capabilities.

► SLActive (Straumann Implant)

Implant Straumann SLA Bone Level: horizontal implanted bone level, appropriate for incisor regions and combined with healing through the gums or under the gums.

Implant Straumann SLA Tissue level: horizontal implanted soft tissue level, appropriate to implant for molar regions to help for ensuring chewing function well.

Implant Straumann SLA with the Slactive advanced treatment surface technology which is designed to achieve criteria:

+ Speed up the bone integration of implant into jowl.

+ Reduce healing time from 6 – 8 weeks down to 3 – 4 weeks.

+ Prognosis high treatment outcomes and shorten the duration of treatment. 

The dental implant techniques

The dental implant techniques

Single dental implant

A dental implant is a man-made foundation – usually in the form of a titanium screw – that is placed into the jawbone to serve as a replacement for the missing tooth’s root. It becomes the anchor point for the new teeth (implant crown).


The patient lost all teeth with a long period to lead to the jawbone will loss too much so it is usually not enough the bone volume to place at least 4 implant on each jaw. Therefore, most of cases need to graft bone or combine sinus lift technique to increase the connection among bone and implant post concurrently support for fixed prostheses with 12 porcelain crowns at above.

► All-On-6

This is an implant technique with 6 implants on a jaw, which is applied for any cases of complete tooth loss. However, the jawbone located at molar areas that have to respond enough jowl conditions about the quality as well as quantity for replacement implants.

Immediate dental implant

Dental Implant is the most comprehensive solution and safety at present to recreate new tooth which is similar as a healthy natural tooth, reaches more than 95% of chewing function and possibly restore new tooth as desired. In the techniques of dental implant and implant surgery are performed in the same time which known as immediate implant and will be applied after tooth extraction in order to patients can have a new tooth perfectly in the shortest time.

How much do dental implant?

The table of dental implant fees at below consist dental implant cost (full dental implant cost) of all types of implant, all-on-4 cost and all-on-6 cost


*NOTE: the fees do not include 10% VAT

The efficacy of the treatment can vary depending on each patient’s condition.

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